UK throw cage roll out continues

PHS continue to gain great traction in the UK market with seven new World Athletics certified Thor 9 cage acquisitions thanks to our partners Sport and Play UK.

Manchester Arena – Thor 9

Julie Rose Stadium – Thor 9

Ashton Playing Fields – Thor 9 x2

London Stadium – Thor 9

Sutcliffe Park – Thor 9

Jarman Park – Thor 9

Guernsey (Channel Islands) – Thor 9

These innovative assets provide greater safety for the thrower and spectators.

  • Only 3 main poles instead of the standard 8-10 pole uprights.
  • The lightweight aluminium 3 pole superstructure are assembled on the ground and raised by an ‘easy motion’ hand winch pulley (provided). No heavy machinery required – Saving costs and not disrupting the track surface
  • Erected and dismantled by only 2 people in a 6-hour time frame – including netting – without a crane.
  • Nets can remain erected longer for greater usability for the athlete training 24/7, 365
  • Fewer implement strikes, with the superstructure skeleton positioned safely away from the netting
  • 100kph wind rating (with net up)
  • Great vision for spectators and media
  • The athletes do not feel claustrophobic/inhibited
  • World Athletics Certified
  • Engineer Certified
  • Choice of 12 colours

All of the implements that are thrown at athletics training sessions and during competitions have the potential to be lethal weapons if their use is not properly managed and supervised at all times.

Top Five Throwing Safety Essentials

  1. NEVER, EVER turn your back on a throws circle or runway!
  2. NEVER forget rule #1
  3. Always adhere to the rules and guidelines of each facility
  4. Keep your eyes on the throws circle at all times, even when it is separated by a cage.
  5. Check that all cages are compliant with World Athletics and are regularly inspected and maintained