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+61 7 5593 4494 info@hammerdiscuscages.com

THOR 10 hammer discus cage at the University of Iowa USA

Project Description

Our North American partner Gill Athletics have recently installed the THOR 10 hammer discus cage at the University of Iowa. The Thor 10 Hammer Cage looks wow, with the poles powder coated black. The Thor 10 meets NCAA and IAAF Specifications. IAAF Certified. Engineer Certified

Photo credit: Litania Sports Marketing Team (LSG Marketing Team) and Mike Cunningham – Gill Athletics Business Development manager

The THOR 10 benefits:

  1. Cost saving

With only 4 main poles instead of the standard 8-10 pole uprights, there is less build cost and ground disturbance to the track infield during cage installation.

The lightweight aluminium 4 pole superstructure is assembled on the ground and raised easily by an ‘easy motion’ hand winch pulley (provided). There are no additional costs for hiring heavy machinery required to lift superstructure into place

Easily erected and dismantled by only 2 people in a 6-hour time frame – including netting – without a crane. Minimal labour time required

  1. Available to train 24/7, 365

Nets can remain erected longer for greater usability for the athlete training

Thor can withstand 74mph winds (with net up)

  1. Athlete Safety

Fewer implement strikes, with the superstructure skeleton positioned safely away from the netting

The athletes do not feel claustrophobic/inhibited

  1. Media friendly

Great vision for spectators and media/or live online broadcasts

  1. Certifications

Meets NCAA and IAAF Specifications. IAAF Certified. Engineer Certified

  1. Specifications

Poles: (4) Combination of steel, aluminium and fibre composites to withstand up to 74mph winds

Doors: (2) 10m x 2m swing arm doors

Net: 1 3/4″ square mesh woven poly cord with 771 lb break strength

Main net height: 23’/7m, Door net height: 33’/10m

Net is secured by net rails across entire cage and 14 rope anchors

59″ deep ground sleeves


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