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Thor 9 Hammer Cages

Thor 9 Hammer Cages

Most hammer cages are easily susceptible to damage. Poles get dented and nets become torn by implement impact. Cages that have low wind ratings spend most of their life in an unusable condition because the net is lowered. Throwers are then limited to when they can train and the cage becomes labour intensive to make usable.

Play Hard Sports has two athletic hammer throw cages that will provide a better experience for everyone.

Both cages feature:

  • Hurricane 1 (Cyclone 2 ) wind rating – nets can remain erected in winds up to 74mph (117kph).
  • Reduced number of support poles – for better vision and reduced risk of implement damage.

Download Thor 9 Floor Plan

Download Throwing Circles

Thor 9 Hammer Cage Description

Size9m x 3m gates, 7 metre high perimeter.
Gate pivot distance4.2m from circle centre.
Gate edgeRope and resin composite tube.
Gate operationSwing arm open and closing ropes and snop hook at ground anchors.
No. of poles3 - Fewer support poles, which is more aesthetically pleasing.
Pole hardwareRope disc cleats and pulley wheel.
Pole materialCombination of steel, aluminium and fibre composites.
Ground work3 sleeves and removable hinged base plates, 14 rope anchors
FinishSilver (two pac paint finish optional).
Net44mm square mesh, 5mm woven poly cord with 350kg breaking strain, black (green optional), UV stable, IAAF certified.
Net supportNet rails all round.
Ropes8mm black woven polypropolyne.
Wind ratingHurricane 1 / Cuclone 2, net can remain erected up to 74mph / 117kpm.
Assembly methodPoles are assempled on the ground and raised by pulley.
Assemply time5 hours
Assembly equipmentPulleys (provided), spanners M20 (3/4") & M12 (1/2'), knife, pliers.
Compliance standardIAAF certified.
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